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Give Your Outdoor Space a New Life with Reupholstery

Summer should be filled with good food, good company, and a good outdoor space! Creating the perfect outdoor environment doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.  In fact, outdoor furniture can be one of the easiest projects to give a space a new feel. If you’re looking to update your patio this summer season, keep on reading.

Purchasing new, quality patio furniture can be an expensive investment.  You should try to prolong the life of your outdoor pieces by keeping them clean and dry.  Even dry, sunny days can take a toll on the life and color of your outdoor furniture cushions and pillows.  

Or maybe you purchased a patio furniture set second hand and are looking to update it to give it a new life.  Whichever may be your case, reupholstery can completely turn around an old, worn out furniture set for the better! Whether it’s a missing button, torn stitch, or maybe faded fabric from the sun - our upholstery specialists can make it look brand new and ready for BBQ season.

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