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Sprucing Up Event Space with Custom Window Treatments

Happy October, everyone! All across America, businesses are planning and preparing for party season. Commercial events for employees, clients, and communities begin with Halloween, and continue on with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Many companies choose to rent out venues to hold their end-of-year celebrations. This can cost thousands of dollars for one evening. Though showing your employees appreciation and impressing your clients and shareholders is important, it can actually be much more cost effective to invest in your commercial space with custom commercial window treatments. Whether you plan on hosting 5 guests or 500 guests, sprucing up your event space with custom window treatments can transform dull, dark, or outdated rooms into fabulous entertaining spaces.

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Commercial interior decorators can help you develop a custom window treatment design made for your event space - both conference rooms and ballrooms. New custom window treatments are sure to add a level of class and character to a space that lacks truly interesting features. Custom-made commercial window treatments can work wonders in many ways.

First and foremost, custom window treatments help you choose not only the amount of light in any given room, but the type of lighting that you’d like to create the best environment for your guests. For example, a medium-sized, stark conference room can take on a character of its own with a medium, warm light and a nice glow through the custom window treatments. Or, take a space that is already unique and make it pop with a bit of color! A deep red is perfect for classic small offices filled with dark wood. And the larger spaces in your building such as lunch halls and ballrooms benefit greatly from modern-style custom window treatments that have adjustable light. This way, you can modulate the type and amount of light in the room according to the time of day, season, or type of event that you’d like to host.

If you are already interested in making major changes to your commercial space, you can center your design ideas around the types of custom window treatments that you’d like to use. Alternatively, a commercial interior designer can take the furnishings and colors that already fill your space and design custom window treatments to suit your existing rooms.

Why waste money on an expensive venue every year, when you could use custom window treatment designs to create an event space unique to your company and your brand? The next time you host a corporate dinner, international meeting, or employee party, you can feel proud to invite your guests to your commercial home base.