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The Impact Custom Window Treatment Design Can Have on Your Living Spaces


Whether you're just settling in to a new space, or feeling the need to update your current living space - or even getting ready to sell! - a great place to start is with custom window treatments for all of the rooms in your house. Why are custom blinds and custom drapery so important? Well, we've outlined the main reasons below as to why your home or apartment deserves the very best custom window treatments.

  1. First impressions are everything.

Your home should be a safe respite for you and your family, and a comfortable space that makes you feel relaxed and happy. But, with the right custom window treatments, your home can also be a space that you feel proud of when guests come over. Custom blinds and custom drapery can be paired perfectly with your interior design plan to tie the whole room together. The best custom window treatments can serve as both a focal point and a conversation starter in any room.

2. Let there be light, and color!

The most important feature of any room is natural light. Some rooms are better suited to lower, more intimate natural light - such as cozy dens or formal dining rooms. But some rooms, like kitchens, living rooms, foyers and mudrooms, and even bathrooms are best suited to maximizing interior light. Natural light sets the tone and ambiance of any room. Custom blinds and window treatments will help you shape your space by modulating the amount of light, and even the color (is your space best suited to warm light or cool light? How about the hue?) of the room.

3. Relaxation and Luxury

No matter the style of your custom window blinds or drapes, your updated living space should the safe haven that you've built your living space to be. Whether you choose muted or warm colors, modern and minimal fabic, or the most luscious and over-the-top billowing drapes, creating a space that you feel like you can let loose and be comfortable in especially important.  Try pairing your personal style of luxury with custom upholstery - and transform your couch, armchair, or settee into a heavenly and comfortable relaxation spot in the room.

4. Improve your equity and property value

Some people wait to update their interiors until they are preparing to sell their house. Often times, these cosmetic changes are accompanied by structural modifications, home maintenance, and repairs. A talented interior designer will provide you with some ideas and options about what visual updating can be made to your window treatments in order to create a beautiful and comfortable space. Come open house day, your prospective buyers will be floored - or rather, windowed! - by your gorgeous drapes or blinds. It will showcase the beauty of your home, and in doing so, increase your price point and the ease and speed with which you can sell your house.

Carmen's Custom Window Treatments in Cleveland believes that the best interior design must include custom window treatments and custom upholstery. It is not often that your home receives a major cosmetic upgrade, as is done during redecorating. So make the most of it, and create custom design window treatments to turn your home into a bright and colorful entertainment space and relaxation haven.

Miranda Imperi