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Why Shop Small? (Even for Window Treatments!)

Just last week, hordes of shoppers swarmed stores all over the United States on Black Friday. The post-Thanksgiving sales adopted by big-box and national stores helped shoppers find good deals on good products, and many consumers took advantage of this opportunity to purchase their holiday gifts, electronics and appliances, and home and interior design items.

Though the frantic (and sometimes violent) commotion on Black Friday continues to be sensationalized in the media year after year, consumers are beginning to embrace a new, grassroots movement appropriately named (and hashtagged!) #SmallBusinessSaturday. Small Business Saturday is a way for local companies and craftsmen to tout their wares, raise awareness about their brand and their products, and give great deals to both new and established customers in their area.


Many consumers choose to shop at national chains for everything they need, citing convenience, accessibility, and product offerings. And sure, a department store will certainly have a wider variety of products available, and perhaps a larger stock. You may save a trip or two by purchasing all of your items at one location.

But there's something missing in this equation - something that proponents of #smallbusinesssaturday are bringing to the forefront of both community and national dialogue. Economically speaking, there are many advantages to purchasing from a local store. While receipts from both stores often tally up to the same amount on a big sale day, most customers are ignorant about the "back end" of where your money goes when you purchase nationally versus locally.

On the community level, spending money on locally owned small businesses keeps the wealth generated in your community. Local businesses support other local businesses, and also contribute taxes directly to the community in which you live. Furthermore, many small businesses choose to provide their employees with a living wage (unlike the big box stores!), so when you support a local business, you're helping a neighbor of yours do the same things that you need to do - including holiday shopping for their own families. Furthermore, small business owners often give more money to charities and non-profits than large corporations - which means that your dollar goes into not only improving your community, but improving the nation and the world.

There's also something to be said for the personal touch that shopping locally provides. A small, well-paid staff means that dedicated employees are in your favorite local stores day after day. The customer service offered by a local business almost always beats national or big-box stores.

While we're on the subject of personalization, there's another big consideration at play here - and that's the ever-increasing demand for custom design. Carmen's Custom Window Treatments is an example of a thriving local business that is able to meet Cleveland custom window treatments, blinds, custom interior design, and custom upholstery demands in their community.

When you choose a local business like Carmen's custom window treatments, you choose quality, professionalism, service, and expert craftsmanship. Locally produced, personal, handcrafted products like the best custom window treatments from Carmen's can only be found when you step off the beaten path and explore the businesses around you.

Next year, say NO to national sales, and check out local businesses in your area that will meet your needs with exceptional products at great prices, all while being financially and socially responsible.