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Do's and Don't's for Hosting a Classy Corporate Event

Corporate events and retreats are typically important affairs and ensuring the success of your event can be a stressful task.  If you are planning an upcoming event for your company, be sure to plan and prepare carefully.  Follow our list of do’s and don’t’s for hosting a classy corporate event and make the most out of your occasion!

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Do start the planning process early.  Save yourself from last minute stress and frustration by allowing ample planning time.  Planning your corporate event early is key when it comes to getting the dates, venue, and entertainment that you want.  If you are a big fan of a particular venue, entertainer, etc. and want them reserved for your event… others most likely do too!


Make a well-thought out budget and stick to it.  When it comes to planning a large event, a budget is extremely important. Get quotes and research the industry average for these types of occasions to develop a realistic idea of what your expenses will look like.  Spending too little, or too much, can portray a bad image of the company.


Be conscious about the date.  To get better attendance and avoid higher prices, avoid choosing a date near major holidays or other events.  It is also smart to schedule the affair around vacation season to ensure a good turnout.


Allow ample time for invitations.  It is recommended to send out event invitations to attendees at least three to six months in advance.  Consider adding an incentive for your guests to RSVP, such as a special thank-you gift upon arrival.


Promote your event.  Use social media and email reminders to ensure that attendees have your event marked on their calendars.  Creating a Facebook event page is a great way to stay relevant and engage with attendees.  It can also be a great way to answer any questions attendees may have.

Don’t assign all event planning and preparation to one person.  When it comes to planning an event, there are too many tasks and preparations that need completed for one person’s doing.  To keep your staff looking forward to the event (and keep their sanity) put together a committee to organize and tackle necessary preparations.


Don’t book a venue without visiting in person.  Attend a venue walkthrough before booking to make sure the venue is up to par and everything is advertised.  This is also a good time to ask any questions and see what kind of audio visual needs (microphones, projectors, speakers, etc.) your venue can provide. 

Don’t recommend hotel accommodations to attendees without checking into them yourself.  Before recommending accommodations to your attendees, check with the hotel and their manager first.  You may be able to offer a special rate for people attending the event.