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Fabric Choice Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Window Treatment Design - Here's Why

In a previous blog post, we explained the impact that custom window treatment design can have on a space.  But, did you know that fabric choice can also have a huge impact on your window treatments? Once you’ve decided what type of window treatment you want for the space you’re designing (commercial or residential!), you’re faced with another decision- fabric choice!

When it comes to choosing a fabric for your custom window treatment design, it is important to do your research and discuss your options with an expert.  Choosing the best fabric for your window treatment will ensure that your space looks exactly how you desire.  A high quality fabric and lining will prolong the life of your window treatments, as well as the life of your drapery. 

If you’re having a difficult time deciding what kind of fabric to use for your window treatments, consider these two factors. 

1. Weight of the Fabric

Are you envisioning a room filled with natural light? You may consider using a lightweight, sheer fabric.  Anything that weighs less than 4 oz/sq yd. is considered a lightweight fabric.  These materials are a great option when you just want to filter light, but they still provide some privacy.  Rooms like offices, kitchens, and sun-rooms are perfect for these fabrics.

If you’re looking to block more light from entering a room, medium-weight fabrics are an excellent choice.  These fabrics work well for roman shades and draperies because they hang well and aren’t too heavy. 

Fabrics weighing over 8 oz/sq yd are usually considered a heavy-weight fabric.  These fabrics block out the most light and provide insulation to a room.  It is important to consider the weight of these fabrics because anything too heavy will become difficult to hang and use.  Bedrooms, media rooms, and dens are great spaces for heavier fabrics. 


2. Fabric Design and Pattern

Just like fabric weight, the design and pattern of the fabric can add to a space.  If you want your window coverings to add some excitement to a room, you may choose a fun, colorful pattern.  Or, maybe you want your window treatments to be subtle and blend in with the walls.  In this case, you may opt for a similar color in a solid or subtle design.  When done correctly, fabric color and pattern can maximize the impact your custom window treatments have on a space.

While choosing your custom window treatments and coverings requires a lot of thought and decisions, Carmen’s believes that designing your dream space shouldn’t be a headache.  Carmen’s Custom Window Treatments offers decades of high end custom design expertise to commercial and residential clients in the greater Cleveland area.  We have a wide variety of colors, fabrics, textures, and styles to match perfectly with your custom interior design.  Stop by our Mayfield Road location today or give us a call at 216.321.4040 and we’ll help you design the best custom window treatments and blind available!